10.2 Rope - Wall

Built for routes that dish out abuse, the BD 10.2 60m is a bomber cord made for tying in on big routes. Featuring a beefy diameter with a 1X1 abrasion resistant sheath that can withstand the whippers and wear, this rope handles smoothly and comes with a middle marker that’s easily identifiable. Coil it and toss it in the pack when it’s time to go big.
159.95 € 159.95 EUR

9.4 Rope Dry

By balancing lightweight performance with durability, the Black Diamond 9.4 Dry is the ideal rope for rock and ice missions that demand high performance day after day.
199.95 € 199.95 EUR

9.9 Rope

The Black Diamond 9.9 is our go-to rope for year-round rock climbing. Boasting a thick diameter built for day in, day out use, the 9.9 is optimized for durability yet soft enough to deliver great handling. Sporting an easily identified middle marker, the BD 9.9 is ideal for climbers who prefer packing one burly rope for all rock projects.
99.95 € 99.95 EUR

Rando 8mm

39.95 € 39.95 EUR

Rando 8mm Gd

46.95 € 46.95 EUR

Stinger III 9.4mm

207.95 € 207.95 EUR