Arizona Birko-Flor

74.95 € 74.95 EUR

Arizona Birko-Flor Nubuck

74.95 € 74.95 EUR

Arizona Leather

79.95 € 79.95 EUR

Arizona Oiled Leather

84.95 € 84.95 EUR

Boston Leather

94.95 € 94.95 EUR

Boston Oiled Leather

99.95 € 99.95 EUR

Everest Hygge

72.95 € 72.95 EUR

Flair Soft

58.95 € 58.95 EUR

Gizeh Birko-Flor

74.95 € 74.95 EUR

Gizeh Birko-Flor Nubuck

74.95 € 74.95 EUR

Gizeh Oiled leather

84.95 € 84.95 EUR

Gizeh Oiled Leather

84.95 € 84.95 EUR

Grizzly Torben

De Haflinger Grizzly Torben pantoffel is gemaakt uit 100% verfilt wol, geeft een zeer goede steun aan de voet en isoleert goed. Het voetbed is gemaakt van een dikke laag kurk, deze zorgt voor een goede schokdemping. De rubber zool geeft extra grip.
65.95 € 65.95 EUR

Instinct Lace

With a curved, asymmetric last, highly adjustable lace-up design and a chiseled low-profile toe for added precision in pockets and on restrictive footholds, the Instinct is the most supportive shoe in the Instinct family that excels across a variety of styles and disciplines. Curved Profile, Asymmetric
139.95 € 139.95 EUR

Instinct SR

With expanded rubber coverage over the forefoot and an improved heel fit, the Instinct SR remains our most sensitive shoe in the Instinct family-a soft, specialized slipper for training and bouldering. Moderately Downturned, Moderately Asymmetric
129.95 € 129.95 EUR

Instinct VSR

A more supple version of our award-winning Instinct VS, the Instinct VSR features Vibram® Grip2 rubber and a more snug fit across the top of the forefoot, with the same form-fitting, sock-style fit and a lightly asymmetrical last that excels across the spectrum of hard climbing. Perfectly suited to lighter climbers. Curved Profile / Asymmetric
144.95 € 144.95 EUR


Our bestselling model gets even better! With a host of upgrades the all new second generation Joker  continues to offer climbers the very best combination of comfort, performance and value available in a single shoe. Incredibly comfortable 3D Air Net lined shoe for long routes or long training sessions. Fit in your street shoe size to wear all day or in smaller sizes for increased precision.
89.95 € 89.95 EUR

Joker Lace

Our new second generation Joker Lace is an evolution of the original best selling Joker model, which demonstrated that climbers could have comfort and performance in a single package. From newcomers looking for a comfortable first pair, to seasoned veterans of the sport looking a more relaxed alternative, Joker Lace is the shoe of choice. Incredibly comfortable 3D Air Net lined shoe for long routes or long training sessions. Fit in your street shoe size to wear all day or in smaller sizes for increased precision. Joker Lace features a new super-comfortable semi-asymmetric last with slimmer fitting heel and low tension rand. An upper of high quality split leather and synthetic microfibre with a secure lace closure is combined with a PU Air Net lining for exceptional comfort and a fresh new look.
89.95 € 89.95 EUR

Joker Plus

Developed from our popular Joker model, the Joker Plus incorporates additional features to ensure that all-day comfort is unsurpassed. Updates to the fit, rubber compound and styling mean that Joker Plus remains the ideal all-day training partner.
99.95 € 99.95 EUR

Madrid Birko-Flor

64.95 € 64.95 EUR

Mayari Birko-Flor

69.95 € 69.95 EUR

Milano Birko-Flor

74.95 € 74.95 EUR

Milano Birko-Flor Nubuck

79.95 € 79.95 EUR


Sensitive, snug fitting, flexible climbing shoe ideal for top performance both on rock walls and in the gym, designed for use on overhangs and slabs.
144.95 € 144.95 EUR

Vapor L

Our most supportive lace-up, the Vapor is a technical trad shoe that provides serious stability and plush comfort, whether you’re jamming cracks or out on the face. The Vapor’s stiff platform features minimal stitching to increase comfort and eliminate hotspots.
134.95 € 134.95 EUR

W's Akyra

It uses a tight fitting upper, structured in 3 layers that provides, from the inside out: comfort, thanks to the seamless construction; flexibility and structure thanks to the innovative MicroLite Skeleton™ application that follows the movement of the foot in a dynamic way while running; protection thanks to the Flex-Guard™ structural applications in microfibre that guarantee a lightweight boot but at the same time provide protection against possible abrasions running between rocks and roots. The exceptional stability is provided by the TrailCage System™ technology that is placed between the two layers of the uppers and provides structure and a snug fit integrating with the lacing system. The outsole developed by the La Sportiva R & D department uses the FriXion XT tread with Impact Brake System and the exclusive design with Trail Rocker technology that promotes natural "outer heel, inner toe" support of the foot when running. Shock absorption, protection and comfort, 3 sides of a perfect geometry: the origami, which inspired the overall shoe design. With Akyra racing is an art.
154.95 € 154.95 EUR

W's Arizona EVA

34.95 € 34.95 EUR