Abisko V-Peg 10 Pcs

Tien V-vormige haringen van uitzonderlijk sterk en licht aluminium. Gebruiksvriendelijk ontwerp met afgeronde randen. De haringen hebben een smalle 'taille' waarmee scheerlijnen op hun plaats worden gehouden als de haringen worden gebruikt als horizontale ankers in losse aarde of zand. Met de Dyneema lus aan de bovenkant trek je de haring gemakkelijk uit de grond. Lengte 160 mm. Gewicht: 11 gram per stuk.
29.95 € 29.95 EUR

Aluminium DAC V-Peg

29.95 € 29.95 EUR

Aluminium Nail

17.95 € 17.95 EUR

Keb V-Peg 10 Pcs

Tien V-vormige haringen van uitzonderlijk sterk en licht aluminium. Extra lang en breed voor optimale grip in moeilijk terrein. Gebruiksvriendelijk ontwerp met afgeronde randen. Met de Dyneema lus aan de bovenkant trek je de haring gemakkelijk uit de grond. Lengte 200 mm. Gewicht: 16,6 gram per stuk.
42.95 € 42.95 EUR

Tent Guylines

These lightweight and adjustable guy lines feature a secure, non-slip design that makes it easy to stabilize your tent in heavy winds and to minimize leakage by keeping the rainfly away from the tent body. They come with easy-to-adjust CamRing™ Cord Tensioners and are available in small and large sizes: a set of four 2.4 m (8 ft) guy lines and a set of two 3 m (10 ft) guy lines.
19.95 € 19.95 EUR

Ultralight Cord

Great for guying out a tarp or hanging a bear bag, this ultralight, strong and reflective cord will help you stabilize your shelter and also find your gear at night. The 2.5 mm cord features a high-tensile core with a 200lb tensile strength.
21.95 € 21.95 EUR

V-Peg (10pc)

Very light yet very strong, our V-Peg is made from hardened aluminum, and it has specificallyengineered thick yet light spine and sides to prevent bending. Its “V” cross section provides a fine balance of penetration in hard ground and holding capability in looser soil. Anodized a highly visible gold, the V-Peg also has an integrated string loop for easy removal from the ground.16 cm/6.3"11 g/0.4 ozSet of 10
37.95 € 37.95 EUR

X-Peg (10pc)

So-named for its fluted square cross-section, our X-Peg is built from extruded, then anodized, aluminum, and is designed to take on the most demanding usage. The X-peg’s 30 cm (12 in) length and burly construction make it an ideal option when you need maximum penetration and holding power in hard ground, and it is stout enough to be hammered into the ground, even with a light sledge. An open, upside down “L” hook near the top of the peg allows quick securing of guy lines, and a separate closed ringhas an attached string loop to make removing the peg easier.30 cm/12"78 g/2.8 ozSet of 10
152.95 € 152.95 EUR

Y-Peg (10pc)

Our Y-Peg is exceptionally strong yet quite lightweight, and its “Y” profile gives both excellent penetration in hard ground and plenty of surface area for reliable hold in softer conditions. Both because of its shape and its durable, hardened aluminum body, the sturdy Y-Peg can be hammered into hard ground. Its bright, gold anodized color makes it easy to see, and an attached string loop provides for easy removal.18 cm/7.1"16 g/0.6 ozSet of 10
48.95 € 48.95 EUR

Y-Peg UL (10pc)

Our lightest peg, the hardened aluminum Y-Peg UL, has a “Y” cross-section similar to our Y-Peg, but in a smaller (and lighter) package. While not quite as robust as the larger Y-Peg, it offers a great balance of hard ground penetration and soft ground holding power. Its gold anodizing makes it highly visible, and the attached string loop makes it easier to pull it from the ground.15 cm/5.9”9.6 g/0.34 ozSet of 10
45.95 € 45.95 EUR