Aluminium Nail (6pcs)


The aluminium nail is extremely small and light, making it a great choice when pack size matters. The square design ensures it easily penetrates into both soft and hard soil. The aluminium peg is, however, especially well-suited for areas where there are limited possibilities for traditional pegging, like mountains with lots of rocky or stony grounds or areas with extremely hard soils e.g. dry clay, where other pegs do not work. The strong design makes it possible to hammer the nail into place, and the guy rope is easily attached and secured under the hooked top of the peg.

  • Light and small aluminium peg
  • Engineered nail construction
  • Works well in most soils, especially dry and rocky ground
  • Anti-twist shape
  • Great strength
  • Length MM : 160 mm
  • Pieces In Set : 6
  • Peg Weight : 10 g
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